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  • Do you provide toiletries?
    Basic showers include body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. Toiletries such as tooth brush, tooth paste, razors, shaving cream, tissues, comb, shower caps and body lotion are available for purchase. Premium showers have a toiletry kit included.
  • How do annual members get in after staff hours?
    Annual memberships will have QR codes that work 24 hours. Smoothie Bar and retail purchases are only available during staffed hours.
  • What comes with annual membership?
    Access to fitness center, lounge, smoothies bar and premium showers with ability to reserve a shower 24 hours in advance.
  • How long are day passes good for?
    Day Passes are good for one-year from date of purchase. Each day pass begins at time of check-in until end of daily staffed hours.
  • Is Wi-Fi available?
    Free Wi-Fi is available for all your online activities. Earbuds are also available for purchase.
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